Interim Order

E.g., 17/04/2021
E.g., 17/04/2021
Pet. No. Subject Date of Order Details
Petition No. 29/2020 Petition regarding various issues/differences having arisen between the Petitioner and the State Generating Utilities, i.e., IPGCL and PPCL on the reconciliation of the outstanding dues including the incorrect levy of Late Payment Surcharge 11/03/2021 Download (73.35 KB) pdf
Petition No. 42/2017 Petition seeking adjudication of dispute between BRPL and SLDC regarding incorrect methodology adopted for preparing inter-state deviation settlement accounts and consequently retaining the UI Pool accounts. 05/03/2021 Download (221.99 KB) pdf
Petition No. 11/2020 Petition for approval of the Commission to the amendment of GSA and relaxation of MoD principles on scheduling of power from Anta Aurya and Dadri GPS of NTPC 05/03/2021 Download (214.94 KB) pdf
Petition No. 21/2020 Petition seeking reduction of Renewable Power Purchase obligation (RPO) of the petitioner taking into consideration the excess Renewable Energy (“RE”) power being brought into the system of the Petitioner over and above the RPO of obligated entity ... 01/03/2021 Download (220.14 KB) pdf
Petition No. 29/2016 Petition u/S 86(1) (f) of the Electricity Act, 2003 filed by Timarpur Okhla Waste Management Company Ltd. (TOWMCL). 01/03/2021 Download (112.18 KB) pdf
Petition No. 18/2019 Petition u/S 86(1)(f) regarding payment of outstanding dues by Respondent No. 1 (NDMC), arising out of various Power Purchase Agreements entered between the parties with respect to supply of electricity procured from the Respondent No. 2 (Timarpur Okhla) 25/02/2021 Download (103.32 KB) pdf
Petition No. 14/2020 Petition seeking clarification of Order dated 01.06.2017 in the matter of determination of Open Access and related matters 24/02/2021 Download (71.75 KB) pdf
R. Petition No. 40/2020 Petition for seeking review of Tariff Order dated 28.08.2020 regarding reallocation of additional power from PPCL-III Bawana over and above the earlier allocation to NDMC in negation to the Requirements explicitly stated in the petition No. 07/2020. 24/02/2021 Download (75.06 KB) pdf
Petition No. 03/2021 Petition for approval of True-up of FY 2019-20 and Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) for FY 2021-22, filed by TPDDL 19/02/2021 Download (333.81 KB) pdf
Petition No. 06/2021 Petition for approval of True-up of Tariff for FY 2019-20 and determination of Tariff for the FY 2021-22 for PPS-I, filed PPCL 19/02/2021 Download (334.69 KB) pdf