Final Order

E.g., 04/12/2022
E.g., 04/12/2022
Pet. No. Subject Date of Order Details
Petition No. 44/2020 Petition for seeking approval for the Bidding documents for long term procurement of 300MW capacity from grid connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects through competitive bidding process for meeting the RPO based on policy dated 14.05.2018 08/04/2021 Download (212.91 KB) pdf
Petition No. 24/2020 Petition seeking declaration from the Commission that the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) dated 14.02.2011 is expiring in March, 2021 i.e date of completion of duration of Power Purchase Agreement 24/03/2021 Download (799.11 KB) pdf
Petition No. 54/2020 Petition challenging the determination of captive user status of Respondent Nos. 3-5 for FY-2018-19 by SLDC Delhi vide letter dated 01.07.2020, 02.09.2020 and 02.11.2020 under Rule 3 of the Electricity Rules, 2005 23/03/2021 Download (451.18 KB) pdf
Review Petition No. 40/2020 Petition for seeking review of Tariff Order dated 28.08.2020 regarding reallocation of additional power from PPCL-III Bawana over and above the earlier allocation to NDMC in negation to the Requirements explicitly stated in the petition No. 07/2020 17/03/2021 Download (125.07 KB) pdf
Review Petition No. 49 /2020 Application seeking review of the Commission’s Tariff Order dated 28.08.2020 in Petition No.2 of 2020 11/03/2021 Download (143.83 KB) pdf
Petition No. 34/2020 Petition seeking extension of Scheduled Delivery Date (SDD) under Section 86(1)(b), (e) and (f) of the Electricity Act, 2003 read with Article 4.1.1 read with Article 7 of the respective Power Purchase Agreements dated 15.07.2015 executed between M/s TP.. 05/03/2021 Download (171.29 KB) pdf
I.A. No. 4 of 2020 Application for Amendment of Review Petition dated 19.11.2020 filed by the Applicant seeking review of Commissions Tariff Order dated 28.08.2020 in Petition No. 03/2020 24/02/2021 Download (183.53 KB) pdf
Petitions No. 15/2021 Petition u/s 86 read with section 63 of the Electricity Act, 2003 seeking adoption of tariff discovered through E-DEEP portal of MSTC/PFC as per MOP guidelines for purchase of power up to 700 MW from various traders/generators and for the approval of ... 16/02/2021 Download (80.01 KB) pdf
Petition No. 28/2020 Petition for exemption of various charges in respect of the sale of 49% of electricity under Open Access and relaxation of the Deviation Settlement Mechanism for intra-state scheduling purposes for the petitioner’s Waste to Energy Project 15/02/2021 Download (211.44 KB) pdf
In compliance to the directions of Hon’ble Appellate Tribunal for Electricity in Appeal No:213 of 2018 filed by TPDDL against the Tariff Order issued by Commission dated 28.03.2018 in Petition no.67 of 2017, in the matter of truing up of the Aggregate ... 04/02/2021 Download (330.41 KB) pdf