General Order

E.g., 06/12/2020
E.g., 06/12/2020
Pet. No. Subject Date of Order Details
Refund of Security Deposit and other credits towards final settlement on termination of connection 25/08/2020 Download (152.62 KB) pdf
Appointment of Adjudicating Officer under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 16/07/2020 Download (264.32 KB) pdf
Relaxation Order in the matter of Provisional billing for industrial and non-domestic consumers 04/05/2020 Download (65.88 KB) pdf
Order in the matter of Mitigation of Impact of Covid-19 on Electricity Distribution Licensees and Consumers of Delhi 07/04/2020 Download (213.53 KB) pdf
Advisory for release of electricity connection to charging stations for electric vehicles 04/03/2020 Download (149.86 KB) pdf
Order dated 31.01.2019 in the matter of Procedure for billing of Wheeling and Fixed Charges in Case of Over Drawl beyond Admissible Drawl by Open Access Consumer availing power from renewable energy sources 31/01/2019 Download (310.05 KB) pdf
Order dated 21.01.2019 in the matter of Exemption of various charges under open access and relaxation of the Deviation Settlement Mechanism for intra state scheduling purposes of waste to energy Projects 21/01/2019 Download (81.88 KB) pdf
Order dated 21.01.2019 in the matter of Wheeling Charges on Open Access by Northern Railways Dispute Resolution under Regulation 16(2) of the DERC (Terms and Conditions for Open Access) Regulations, 2005 21/01/2019 Download (222.52 KB) pdf