Public Awareness Bulletins


Public Awareness Bulletin - 11: Sample Electricity Bill for Group Housing Society & Voltage Discount Calculation
Public Awareness Bulletin-10: Rationalisation of Tariff for Group Housing Society for Supply at 11 KV
Consumer own choice meter

Public Awareness Bulletin -8 : Three Tier Grievance Redressal Structure

Public Awareness Bulletin -7 : Testing Of Energy Meter Through Third Party Lab

Public Awareness Bulletin-6, Promote Energy Efficiency & Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Public Awareness Bulletin-5, Provisions Regarding Safety Hazards/Meter Installation

Public Awareness Bulletin-4, Revision of Sanctioned Load
Public Awareness Bulletin-3, Why does Power Utility need to invest in Fixed Assets?, What is the need for Capitalization?, How is capitalization accounted for in tariff?
Public Awareness Bulletin-2, What are Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT & C) Losses?
Public Awareness Bulletin-I, How is Electricity Tariff determined?