Press Release


Press Note: Oath Ceremony of Electricity Ombudsman

Press Note: Oath Taking Ceremony of Chairpersons of CGRF

Electricity Tariff Schedule for BRPL, BYPL, TPDDL and NDMC for FY 18-19
Press note : Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) Bags Award for "Innovative Policies and Regulations Promoting Renewable And Smart Grids In India" at India Smart Grif Forum



Press Release and Tariff Schedule for FY 2017-18 w.e.f 01/09/2017 for BRPL, BYPL, TPDDL and NDMC

Press Release on DERC (Supply Code and Performance Standards) Regulations, 2017

Press Note: Appointment of Electricity Ombudsman


Corrigendum Regarding DERC Tariff Schedule for 2015-16
Press Release regading Tariff Schedule for FY 2015-16
Press Release Regarding  Power Purchase Cost Adjustment Charges  (PPAC) for BRPL, BYPL, TPDDL and NDMC

Press Release Regarding Tariff orders for DISCOMs During FY 2013-14

Press Release regarding tariff determination process for FY 2013-14
Press Note on Rationalization of Structure of Tariff Slabs for Domestic Consumers

Press Note on Special Drive For Summary Disposal Of Grievances/ Complaints Regarding Electricity Bills Issued By DISCOMS & NDMC In Pursuance of Tariff order FY 2012-13

Press Note on "Rationalization of structure of tariff slabs for Domestic Consumers" & "Draft DERC (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum & Ombudsman) Regulations, 2011"
Press Release dated 26.06.2012 on Tariff Schedule for DISCOMs for FY 2012-13
Press Release dated 25.05.2012     (Picture)