Consumer Satisfaction Survey (CSS): 2009


Dt. 16 June 2009

The Survey was conducted by an independent agency viz. M/s A.C. Nielsen ORG-MARG Pvt. Ltd, covering 11,140 domestic consumers chosen randomly from each Division of the three Discoms viz. BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. (BRPL), BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. (BYPL) and North Delhi Power Ltd. (NDPL). The actual field survey work for data collection was carried out from 18th March, 2009 to 17th April, 2009. This was the second CSS got conducted by DERC, the first being in 2007.

 The respondent consumers were asked about their preference along the seven Macro Level Parameters namely, Continuity of Electricity Supply, Quality of Electricity Supply, Metering Issues, Billing Issues, Internal Grievance Resolution Mechanism of Discoms, Call Centres  set-up by Discoms and Behaviour of Discom staff with consumer.  Each of these parameters were further covered more extensively by similarly pre-determined Micro Parameters for which the respondents were asked to provide ratings (on a scale of 1 to 10) indicating how important a parameter was for them. Then they had to rate their satisfaction level with their Discom in relation to each micro level parameter on a scale of 1 to 5. The importance as well as satisfaction scores were used to arrive at an index (between 0 to 1) to obtain a comparative measure of the 3 Discoms.


1.       The Discom-wise and overall Delhi satisfaction scores show distinct improvement over survey conducted in 2007.  The results are as follows:-














Overall Delhi



2.       The consumers expressed satisfaction about stable voltage, regular visit by meter Reader and regular receipt of bills. There is high degree of satisfaction with the quality of power supply as about 80% of consumers across 3 Discoms expressing satisfaction with the voltage served to them.

3.       The highest level of dissatisfaction among consumers stems out from the lack of prior intimation about power supply interruptions. Such dissatisfaction across Discoms ranged from about 9% for NDPL consumers to about 54% for BYPL consumers whereas for BRPL it was 52%.

 4.       The satisfaction on overall basis on metering issues stood over 70% and the satisfaction of consumers with Discom staff on various accounts such as  interaction with lineman, cashier, meter reader and others ranged from 33 to 59%

 5.       On billing issues overall dissatisfaction is low at about 10%.

 6.       About 90% of the respondent consumers felt that street lights related complaints were getting redressed within 48 hours as against the standard 72 hours prescribed in Delhi Electricity Supply Code and Performance Standards Regulations, 2007. About 40% respondent consumers felt that complaints were getting redressed within 24 hours.

 7.       The major areas of concern, to which consumers are looking for better service, are prior intimation of power interruptions, Grievance resolution relating to Billing disputes and Grievance pertaining to new connection. However, in case of NDPL the major areas of concern are behavior of lineman and promptness in attending to street light complaints.

The CSS: 2007 had highlighted power interruptions as the main consumer concern followed by Metering and Billing issues.  

8.       Discomwise most/Least satisfied areas are as under:-



Most Satisfied

Least Satisfied





Krishna Nagar

Mayur Vihar Phase -III


Model Town



DERC will use these survey findings for directing Discoms to focus on the areas of consumer concern that have emerged from consumer feed back and also to pay special attention to those residential areas which have reported lower satisfaction.